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Akachel was demanding that she give him the Magic Staff. A family weapon passed down through generations, for having such a generic name, it had increadible magic powers for this time period where magic is extremely limited, allowing the holder to wield basic amounts of every. View Gallery.

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This isn't real. Standing mere meters away from Eren, Reiner, and Bertholdt, you heard their entire conversation. They wanted Eren to run away with them. Not exactly uncommon, considering the state of the world at the moment. It was their reason for asking that chilled you to the bone.

Reiner had just proclaimed himself to be the Armored Titan, and revealed Bertholdt, sweet, shy Bertholdt, to be the Colossal Titan. He was your friend, no matter how odd and quiet he was. But he was more than that to you.

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Unspoken words had lingered in the air about you two, as clear as day, yet never expressed. Was everything a lie? Did you fall in love with a master manipulator who only pretended to care?

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Looking away, feeling somewhat ashamed, you thought of your own. The large collection of baking trays often stacked in the sink of Slender Manor, the scent of cake that seemed to stick to you at all times and the multiple icing sugar packets sprawled across your bedroom floor was a dead giveaway. Even your outfit seemed to match your obsession with baking! They each attempted to gain your affection with multiple gifts and food but you denied each of them sweetly with a sorrowful look a.

He shed his overcoat and slung it over the arm of the couch and sat down. His head tilted back so that his dark eyes watched the ceiling fan spin around and around. It had been a long day at work. Levi brought his index finger and thumb to his face and rubbed his eyes.

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Wizard of Oz Women fighting over red shoes -- predictable. SpainXReader: Jealousy Part1 You sighed quietly pinching the bridge of your nose with your forefinger and thumb at the sight before you: Three giggling girls gushing over your Spanish boyfriend who seemed oblivious to the fact that they were flirting. The girls were getting too touchy on the Spaniard, rubbing his arm, twirling a chocolate lock, pressing up closer to his chest and such.

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An all-too-familiar feeling washed over you as it always has when Antonio densely socializes with his fangirls. Western Lyria Draft kalez. Branding of a Heretic Cover kalez. Dameon Sketched kalez. Naming the Bane cover kalez. Sophia book cover kalez. Her voice was like a sparrow's song. That was what he called her, his Little Bird. The curls of her brown hair bounced like coils of silk ribbon as she pulled. Sitting on the edge of her small make-shift bed, he smiled. Not again, Samana. Now, it is time to sleep," he said as he tucked her in.

Brushing the curls from her pale face, he gently kisse. We are currently approaching Doran airspace and will be arriving shortly.

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We ask that all passengers please put their trays in the upright position and fasten your seat-belts as we prepare to make our decent. We hope you have enjoyed your flight and continue flying with Spectral Airroutes. Pearl sighed and leaned back in her seat. She adjusted her white summer dress while repositioning herself, feeling a little snug with her long, white wings tucked behind her. For being First Class, it was no where near as comfortable as the s. Nihilian Effect :: Book of Axiom Chapter 1 - Shadow Starts Fingers smearing oily prints over glass walls and panes as little faces peered in wonder at ancient artifacts on display.

The dull roar of voices in awe and admiration; a hum of interest and delight. A crowd of people jostling about in an attempt to view everything there was to see. From the second floor balcony, a young man clad in mercenary attire observed every action in the museum's main hall below. The more expensive and delicate pieces were encased, but it was his job to keep watch in case someone intended to swipe one of the less valuable items.

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There were a lot people today. Wijsoft in Space kalez.

Olegarc Redesign kalez. Looking back and forth between the old scrolls that littered her desk, she underlined a portion of text. A blotch of ink and then a stripe that wavered marked a note for later. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

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