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The truth is that money can only provide us with substitutes for what we truly need, but not the real deal. What we need is neither possessions nor services, but things such as love , friendship , and creativity. These are some important questions that all people should ask themselves.

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Corporate media presents us all the time with biased information, fooling us into believing the lies they tell in order to manipulate us exactly the way they want. Just as every person alive, you are a unique individual with unique talents and gifts to offer to the world.

The Key Is to Embrace the Truth Which Lives Within

This, however, prevents us from embracing ourselves and creating our own path in life , which is causing us immense emotional pain. A great way to deprogram yourself from the normalcy of modern life is to focus your attention on creativity. Most importantly, to be creative means to find out new ways of living and realize that you have the power to manifest the kind of life you desire.

Lastly, learning how to live in the present moment is a great way to break free from your conditioning. There are many meditation techniques out there that can help you to become mindful, so find the ones that you like most and stick to them until you see positive results in your life. That system is our enemy. Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy.

You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. McNair remained free for ten months, until he was eventually arrested in Grand Island, Nebraska , in After his second recapture, the North Dakota Department of Corrections deemed McNair a problem inmate, and requested that he be transferred to the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

McNair remained in federal custody until his final escape, over a decade later. He held this position for several months, throughout which McNair plotted his escape. McNair escaped by hiding himself in a specially-constructed "escape pod" which included a breathing tube , which was buried under a pile of mailbags.

The pallet was shrink-wrapped and forklifted to a nearby warehouse outside of the prison fence. After prison staff delivered McNair's pallet and went for lunch, McNair cut himself out of his "escape pod" and walked through the unsecured area to freedom. Federal investigators believed that McNair must have received help from other inmates to escape, [2] but McNair has always maintained that he acted alone. McNair's pallet was shipped out of the prison around am, and he was able to exit the pallet around am. McNair was aware that it would not be until pm that the prison would find him missing.

McNair's plan was to go to the nearby town of Alexandria, Louisiana , where he would then steal supplies and transportation. Hours after his escape from Pollock, McNair was stopped while running away on a railroad track near Ball, Louisiana , by police officer Carl Bordelon. This incident was captured on a video camera mounted in Bordelon's patrol car. When asked again five minutes later, he gave a different alias, Jimmy Jones, Jimmy being a common diminutive of Robert. McNair laughed and joked with the officer, and even as the officer got a matching description of the inmate, McNair appeared collected and calm.

He successfully convinced Bordelon that he was jogging and in town to help on a post- Katrina roofing project, allowing him to go back to 'jogging' within 10 minutes. One factor that made it easier for McNair to escape arrest was that the photo provided to police was very low-quality and six months old.

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Another was that the prison had told police that they were not completely sure that McNair had escaped. Over the ten minutes that Bordelon questioned McNair, McNair remained calm and provided completely plausible explanations, eventually convincing Bordelon that his alibi was true. McNair later wrote that he did not see the cruiser because it was blocked from view by trees, and that he planned to run if he was not able to convince Bordelon of his "innocence".

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McNair later denied the suggestion that he would have assaulted the police officer if confronted, claiming that he had renounced violence after his initial arrest. McNair described his escape as a "get out of jail free card", and described his feelings after the confrontation with Bordelon as "relief, disbelief, bewilderment. Bordelon remained with the Ball Police department for the rest of his life, eventually becoming assistant police chief before his death in at the age of They noted that McNair was the first prisoner to escape from a federal prison since The officers asked McNair to step out of the car to be questioned, which he did, but he ran across a nearby field and outran the officers soon after being confronted.

The police impounded the car, but did not realize the identity of McNair until two days later, when one of the officers recognized him from an episode of America's Most Wanted. Subsequent investigation found a digital camera full of self-portraits, which police determined were probably for the purpose of producing a fake ID. When authorities examined the car, they found McNair's fingerprints, confirming that he was in Canada. After escaping arrest in Penticton, McNair rode a bike to Kelowna. Because it took several days for the police to confirm his identity, it was relatively easy for McNair to escape the area.

After arriving back in Canada, McNair traveled through southern Ontario , then traveled west, to Vancouver.


Early on, McNair developed a plan to buy land in central British Columbia, around Williston Lake , after seeing ads for the property. He changed his mind after visiting the area and finding that a drought and pine beetle infestation had devastated the area. The fact that there was only one road in and out of the property also made McNair feel uncomfortable. In , McNair travelled to eastern Canada.

He drove through the Laurentian Highlands in Quebec , where he enjoyed mountain biking. He spent a lot of time around Lac Saint-Jean. McNair nearly attempted to cross back into the United States again at Derby Line, Vermont , but the high security on the American side convinced him that attempting to cross back would be too risky.

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McNair spent about two months in Fredericton , New Brunswick , before he was again confronted by police. The program would go on to detail McNair a total of twelve times on television, and nine times on radio. The last time McNair was featured was November 24, , a month after his recapture. McNair watched America's Most Wanted intently, describing the show as a "thorn". McNair confirmed after his capture that whenever a new episode of America's Most Wanted aired, he would buy food and fuel his vehicle, "then if featured would keep it low for a couple of days". Throughout his time as a fugitive, McNair tracked his own story on the internet.

After his recapture, McNair commented that the ongoing coverage of him was "for the most part true".

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  7. Louisiana Marshal Glenn Belgard attempted to capture McNair online with the help of a criminal profiler. McNair suspected that the Louisiana police had attempted to contact him by posing as a woman online, who said that "she would like to hide [McNair] in her basement. McNair owned several laptops while living as a fugitive. After having his laptop seized in Penticton, he began to store most of his information on USB sticks.

    With the help of a scanner, digital camera, Photoshop, and a pet ID website, McNair was able to produce a passable fake Alaska driver's license. He learned how to rig his video camera to his laptop so that he could cut his own hair.

    LIVE Free: Breaking Out Of The Prison Of Porn

    In order to support himself, McNair stole vehicles and cash from car dealerships. Because he had once worked as a car salesman himself, McNair knew where to find cash and keys at such dealerships, and how to avoid security. McNair stole only new vehicles since they had window stickers indicating whether a vehicle was equipped with a GPS-style tracking system. If it did, he wouldn't touch it. McNair avoided driving conspicuous-looking vehicles, preferring white vehicles that "everybody has".

    In one incident, while McNair was staying in a motel near Chilliwack, British Columbia , he left to buy something and returned to find the motel surrounded by a police SWAT team.

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    McNair began to flee in his car, but later found on a local AM radio station that the police were responding to a hostage situation at the motel. McNair then returned to the scene and filmed the standoff with a Sony HD video camera which he had recently purchased. The episode lasted for another twenty minutes. The next day, Constable Stephane Gagnon, a six-week rookie, spotted McNair's van by chance in downtown Campbellton, and pursued it. McNair himself described his capture as simply the product of bad luck: as he put it, it was "just one of those days.

    Mounties later told the media that McNair was cooperative after his capture, and even joked with them. McNair replied that was because "all of the government money is tied up in Osama Bin Laden 's reward. It houses some of the United States' most dangerous prisoners, [1] who have been deemed too great a security risk for even a maximum-security prison.