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I've never had to stand by the hospital bed of a dying camera. I've never had to pray for God's help and wisdom to give me some word to help these couples that are having nothing but trouble in their marriage, to bring them back together, to live happily forever. I've never had to come to a camera and say, "I'm so sorry what's happening to your little camera, your little camera boy or girl. What I'm saying is that the superstars in the church are the humble, quiet, faithful servants, witnessing to others, serving others, one-on-one.

And I know that pastor steve, pastor mike are good examples of this. When they're not standing here in the camera, they're one-on-one-on-one with people out there in the world. And we are all called to be ministers, aren't we not? One-on-one, trying to reach people's life for the Gospel before it's ever too late.

The Prophetic Transference of Elijah's Mantle

Now this was a breaking point for Elijah. He could accept God's patient direction or give up in dejection because things weren't as high-pitched like they had been on Mount Carmel. I've seen some give up; I've seen others take the direction that Elijah took.

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God--praise God. But if it is that still small voice that you hear today calling you to this kind of submissive ministry, one-on-one to somebody, it's time to give in to that still small voice and act upon it. Because you know what happens to still small voices? They become a whisper, even yet fainter until the whisper completely diminishes. A still small voice goes out like a flame of a candle goes out if not acted upon.

But let's move on to Monday, entitled "the change of garments. God seemed to ignore his whining and directed Elijah to go anoint two Kings and to anoint Elisha for the work of taking up his work when he would be gone. Somebody has 1 Kings , right over here.

The Mantle of Elijah

And Elijah passed by him and cast his mantle upon him. Thank you. Passing the mantle, is that something like passing the baton in a race? Well maybe a little bit, but not quite because Elijah kept running the race himself. He became a mentor to his younger individual, Elisha.

Taking Up Your Mantle (1 Kings ) |

He led his younger companion. But giving the mantle was clear evidence of his calling to this sacred office.

Elijah's Mantle - Salome

Many young people, and not so young, struggle with call to ministry. I remember how it was when I joined a church about 24, 25 years of age. A couple years from there I was back in school. I felt God was calling me to something. I had no idea what. I got into all the religion courses I could take.

And as I was in those courses, I kept feeling like God may be calling me to ministry, but I didn't know. And I struggled with it a little bit, but most of the people I was in classes with, they were really nervous about it. I just felt the college experience was so wonderful for me, whatever God had in store for me afterwards it didn't matter to me.

Well about six months before I graduated I got a letter in the mail, unbeknownst to me a conference had met and they voted to ask me to come and be a minister. So there I was pretty sure that that was my call. And that's how it worked for me. But other people struggle with different. Am I called to this direction, or am I called to that direction? But when we think about Elisha, it must have been totally clear to him.

Here was the prophet laying his mantle on his shoulders and saying, "follow me.

The Prophetic Transference of Elijah's Mantle

I think that most of us have a sense that being called, to a prophet is a major calling. But I wonder who's to say, who's had more influence on the world, Elijah or that widow with her little mites? She had a powerful--she has had a powerful influence on this world. Has she not? It's not the big things always. It's not even the most important people, but some people we might not think so important.

And the little things we might not think so important can become very monumental. So little things are important. We must remember that any call to ministry is not some kind of call to human exaltation. In fact, it's just the opposite.

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  4. Those who truly receive this call quite often they shrank from it. It wasn't like Elijah was campaigning to be the next prophet.

    In fact he wasn't looking for that at all. But it came upon him and he accepted it. Today our church seems to be bombarded, as I said, with people who crave special positions not unlike the world of politics. Sad to say that happens. But humans are not superstars, are they? None can be idolized in this world. God only can be worshipped. Now no man. We idolize people to our own detriment. There's a man by the name of henry newman and the wonderful healer, he retells a tale from ancient india.

    It's a tale that says if four royal brothers decided each to master a special ability. Time went by and the brothers met to reveal what they had learned. First brother says, "I have mastered a science," said the first, "by which I can take but a bone of some creature and create the flesh that goes with it. And as it would be fate would have it, they found the bone of a lion. One added flesh to the bone. The second grew hide and hair.

    And the third completed it with matching limbs.

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    And the fourth gave life to the lion.