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Buy As Gift. The EMT Tutor includes 4 practice tests, each with questions, answers and full explanations.

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It also includes self-assessments to determine which areas you may need to study more than others. Short tutorials and study guide tips are also included. This study guide is intended for those that already have some EMT knowledge. It is not intended as a textbook, but simply an aide to help you study. We also have an EMT Tutor app and other EMS apps in both the Apple and Android markets which also includes flashcards, scenarios, skills sheets, and differential check outs. Product Details About the Author.

Our apps have been so popular that we've decided to convert them to e-books. Average Review. Write a Review. I try to bring the same level of energy to every lesson, regardless I have tutoring I place an emphasis on varying my teaching method between utilizing images and diagrams to using a written strategy, depending on how each individual student learns best.

When it comes to teaching science, my philosophy is that many of the science courses are interrelated. Tutoring for 2 years, 1st grade through 4th grade and music theory and trumpet and piano lessons for 3 years.

I have been playing Clarinet for 8 years and saxophone for 4 years. I taught at Southwestern Oregon Community College as a student Student Director at swocc Student leader and music program coordinator at Marshfield senior high school I did tutor eighth grade students in music I am able to work with younger students I can teach your student how to march and play an instrument to possible help I've taught college students for 14 years, and was also a TA at Oregon State, and have worked with students ranging in age from 14 to I have served as the educator for a wildlife organization doing classroom presentations and also at our former museum.

I also used to UCLA B. Currently studying EMT Emergency Scenarios. Improve your chances of passing the first time to Can anyone recommend a place to find well outlined EMT-b test scenarios for practice purposes? If you have scenarios you wish to contribute to this booklet, or you have questions, contact Matt Anderson at the Alaska Emergency Medical Services Section We have designed the Megacodes to simulate real-life scenarios as part of our ACLS certification curriculum.

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The headline and subheader tells us what you're offering, and the form header closes the deal. Describe trending of assessment components.

Students login, watch the lectures and then take assessment exams over the material. EMT Applies scene information and patient assessment findings scene size up, primary and secondary assessment, patient history, and reassessment to guide emergency management.

Psychomotor 1. He is now lightheaded. Keep learning, stay informed! She remarks to her husband that she thinks she has gas and disappears Medical Scenarios Scenario: You are called to a local house for a woman with trouble breathing. I believe that scenarios are one of the best ways for EMTs and Paramedics to get their heads in the game and think deeply about potential problems they might face in the field before the tones go off and the pressure comes on.

Some scenarios include: Patient assessment and management of trauma; Patient assessment and management of a medical emergency; BVM ventilation of an apneic adult patient; Oxygen administration by non-rebreather mask Patient Assessment Practice Scenarios allows students to fine-tune their understanding of the patient assessment process. To assist our educational institutions with the practical examination process, we have patterned this handbook around the NREMT basic life support practical exams. Using EMT basic practice scenarios, you can improve your skills and knowledge to better provide emergency care.

Through the pajama top, he feels somewhat cool. The emergency scenarios test section is designed to challenge the critical thinking skills of the EMT. What is the problem? The problem is that the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians NREMT , which is the governing body of pre-hospital medical providers, has decided to create a new system of classifying such workers, which they believe is more streamlined and organized than the present system.

In this classroom-based, Instructor-led course, students learn how to use a systematic approach to quickly assess, recognize the cause, and stabilize a pediatric Learn Chapter 1 - EMS Systems Test Questions facts using a simple interactive process flashcard, matching, or multiple choice. Posted Nov 1, Emergency Scenario Chest Pain This emergency scenario reviews chest pain in a primary care patient, and is set up for role-play and case review with your staff. It is preferred to have the entire Practical Skills Examination administered in one session. I've been making up scenarios as training questions with the rookies but I'm sure there must be a bank of premade scenarios with appropriate vitals and hx and meds etc Previously on the blog, we brought you a post with four scenarios for your Ambulance Operations class.

The initial assessment scenarios are designed to be completed by one person. When do you need to interrupt the initial assessment? It is not exclusive. Students that use Munden Interactive are given questions with various levels of difficulty throughout the duration of the exam. Approaching the man, you bend down and gently shake his shoulder.

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Initial Assessment. Know your limitations. Then, it pushes content and questions your way based on the topics you need. This module is referred to at my training center as "The Wall" that a student must get over. We update this site often so please bookmark us and come back soon.

Medical Simulation Scenarios are text documents outlining the various details of a simulation - everything from patient simulator settings to debriefing notes. Here's my problem. She states she cannot catch her breath. Integrates the knowledge and skills learned thus far to assure that the student has the knowledge and skills of assessment necessary to continue with the management of patients with medical complaints and traumatic injuries.

Definition of Emergency medical technician Emergency medical technician: A person trained in the performance of the procedures required in emergency medical care. Emt Basic Trauma Assessment Scenarios. A few notes before starting. Mod-4 is the medical assessment module. Patient Assessment Practice Scenarios allows students to fine-tune their understanding of the patient assessment process.

Information for health professionals and citizens, including state health statistics, prevention and health promotion, and health care and health-related professions. Upon arrival you find a year-old male lying on the bed.

Updated for Sucking Chest Wound. Instructors should feel free to modify the scenarios to better meet their student's needs, keeping in mind that the scenarios should be challenging but achievable.

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In order to become a practicing emergency medical technician, students need to become nationally certified. If it has been longer than 12 months you must complete a new Skills Verification exam. This test can be taken online. Review of pediatric and geriatric assessment and the differences. This is a free workshop designed to provide you with hands-on experience developing formative and summative scenarios for use in your classroom.

There are 10 separate sub modules in MOD-4 which should take at least 31 hours to complete. These real case scenarios provide an opportunity to explore the concerns associated with patient management. Have fun while studying! The Registry is a testing body that provides a standard of testing and many states use this body as a way to certify that an individual is qualified to possess an EMT or Paramedic level medical license in that state. The purpose of the Primary Assessment aka Primary Survey or Initial Assessment is to determine the nature of the primary complaint and rule out, prioritize, and treat any immediate life-threatening airway, breathing and circulation problems.