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This was his number one priority.

Make your plans around the priority of worship. David gives a wonderful description of worship. Jesus had no outward beauty Isaiah —3 ; he had a different kind of beauty — the beauty of holiness.

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As you seek the Lord and gaze upon the beauty of the Lord in worship he lifts you above all the distractions, fears and temptations. Lord one thing I ask, that I may dwell in your house all the days of my life, to gaze on your beauty.

What does holiness really mean? What does it look like in real life?

Divisions among followers of Jesus started very early on! The disciples started arguing about who was the greatest — In this context, Jesus speaks to them about the characteristics of a life of holiness. Lord, help me through the power of your Holy Spirit to live a holy life and to develop the characteristics of humility, love, tolerance, discipline, peace and faithfulness. The language of Leviticus sounds very strange to our modern ears.

The Holy Spirit gives power

Symbolically, through the laying on of hands on the head of the bulls, goats and lambs for example ,8 the sin passed to a substitute who would be sacrificed on behalf of human beings. The blood of the sacrifice was extremely important ; ,8, All this can only be understood fully in the light of the New Testament.

Why does God command Christians to be holy when we are already holy in Christ? | Monergism

In other words, this is just a foreshadowing and a picture of something far greater and more wonderful. So, the New Testament tells us none of these sacrifices are needed anymore. However, they form the background to the sacrifice of Jesus and help us to understand just how amazing it is.

Holiness starts by putting your faith in what Jesus has done for you and asking his Holy Spirit to come into your life to help you to begin to live a holy life. Lord, full of thankfulness and praise, I offer you my body as a living sacrifice. Help me, through your Holy Spirit who lives in me, to be holy as you are holy.

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The Only Way to Become Holy

Do you try to fit Jesus into your schedule? Time and time again, we tried to be holy in our own strength and fell short.

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But then came grace. And we need it to be a gift. At this point we have a choice. We can teach that holiness refers only to our position in Christ. We can ignore the many scriptures calling us to holy behavior, and we can excuse our lack of transformation. If we teach and believe only this, we can silence our consciences.

Don Stewart :: What Does It Mean: God Is Holy?

Would God not have foreseen our dilemma and devised a plan? In fact, He did! There is an aspect of grace of which many are unaware. A lot of Christians would define grace as an unmerited gift, salvation, or the forgiveness of sins.

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  7. These are all correct. Few believers, however, would identify grace as empowerment. Yet this is exactly how God has described His grace:. God refers to His grace as His empowerment! This passage reveals another awesome truth:.

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    Grace and peace be multiplied to you…as His divine power [grace] has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness … 2 Peter —3 NKJV, emphasis added. Did you catch it?