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Just how much lead are we talking about? According to the U. Geological Survey, millions of pounds of lead ends up in the environment every year from hunting, fishing and shooting sports. The USGS estimates that about , lead shotgun pellets accumulate per acre, per year at frequently used hunting fields. While roughly 8.

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The health effects on human who ingest fish and wildlife acquired with lead tackle also need to be studied more thoroughly. A recent study done by the U. Center for Disease Control showed that consumers of hunted venison have 66 percent more lead in their bloodstream than non-consumers, a result that was troubling to the medical community. Despite the tiresome rhetoric of the National Rifle Association this issue is not on the slippery slope of Second Amendment rights.

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Search the Site Search this site:. Whenever one goes into the backcountry, no matter how pleasant the weather is when you leave, it always pays to go prepared for the possibilities. In recent years, there has been talk about leaving traditional lead ammunition behind in favor of nonlead alternatives for hunting.

One of those alternatives is copper. When it comes to big game hunting, there are few hunters who will argue the importance and the value of preseason scouting. We are used to tipping servers, skycaps, taxi drivers and others who work in the service industry, but what about guides who help you on the water or in the field?

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As my friends worked their way east along the rocky shoreline, I turned my attention to smallmouth and largemouth bass and began working my way to the west. Historically, a wet monsoonal weather front passes through Southern Nevada every year in the days leading up to the dove opener. In Nevada, the black bear population is located along the Sierra Nevada Front near Reno and Carson City far from Las Vegas, but in neighboring states, bears are widely scattered.

Hunting, Fishing, Recreational Shooting, and Other Wildlife Measures: S. 3525

The phrase topwater action means just what it says — fishing activity that happens on top of the water rather than below the surface. November 29, - am. Don't miss the big stories. Like us on Facebook. Outdoorsmen always should be prepared for weather conditions. October 2, - pm October 2, - pm. This stubborn hunter now endorses copper bullets. September 25, - pm September 25, - pm. Biologist Harris picked up the trash while there. He also noted that trash along mainline and at many of the internal gates where people had parked increased significantly during the hunting season.

Appears Bush beer is popular this year! Biologist Harris told the land manager he would organize a trash pickup after the hunting seasons. He requested motorized access through the Muzzleloader season. The landowner will try to keep open for the late season muzzleloaders. However, since opening the gates at the start of Modern Firearm deer season they have had an increase in dumping.

Biologist Harris said he would get the dump sites cleaned up since the dumping would not have happened if the land manager had not allowed motorized access. Harris plans to visit the area and possibly recommend closing a few gates early to reduce dumping issues. He also discussed creating some disabled access opportunities in the GMU.

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The land manger stated he would be willing to consider creating opportunities for disabled hunters on all the lands he manages. Senate on Monday, but possibly wriggling free in recent hours. When that occurs, the act which benefits habitat and access as well as a few polar bear hunters, and strips lead regulation oversight from EPA will once again head to the floor of the Senate for a vote, they say. This legislation addresses several key issues that impact the sportfishing community. Its passage would represent significant improvements for recreational fishing and hunting for many years.

This section will block ongoing attempts to federally ban lead in recreational fishing equipment and ammunition by clarifying the Toxic Substances Control Act. This represents the most comprehensive effort ever attempted to voluntarily conserve freshwater, estuarine and marine habitats nationwide. From improving habitat conservation to increasing public access, this bill would have significant positive impacts on anglers and hunters and maintain our conservation heritage. For more, go here.

Rich Landers at the Spokane Spokesman-Review has been tracking the bill and has links to several stories. It began in mid-November when people out filming deer on the winter range stumbled across the headless carcasses of three deer and a buck in Kotzman Basin. The latest pair of poached deer were found 7 miles from there. The incident got me to thinking about poaching cases that have occurred across the Northwest this fall, and unfortunately there have been more than a few. To wit:. Two cow elk, late November, Coweeman Unit, Wash.

Mule deer buck and doe, Tensed, Idaho, late November — more info. Two of four mule deer found killed and wasted, Kotzman Basin, Paulina Unit, Central Oregon mid-November; three were decapitated, case open — more info. Three men arrested for alleged poaching of Tillamook cow elk. Info sought on mature bull elk found wasted , Elmore County, Idaho. Info sought on poached calf elk in Southwest Oregon.


Mule deer doe, nearly entirely wasted except for backstrap, found along road near Loomis, Wash. Three elk poached in Southeast Idaho. Spike bull poached near Jerome, Idaho.

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Two deer, one elk poached, Hazard Creek, Idaho — suspects plead guilty, sentenced. Elk poached near Bliss, Idaho — more info. Bull moose poached near Cascade, Idaho — more info. Two blacktail bucks, mid-October, Chehalis Valley, Wash — alleged poacher confesses to both. Blacktail buck, mostly wasted, Nov. Spike elk, Cowlitz County three-point-or-better area, early Nov. Three whitetail deer, Nov. Five whitetail deer — three bucks, two does — early October, Lincoln County, Wash. Five whitetail deer including two fawns, late September, east of Spokane — more info.

Last fall we published a similar sickening roundup of stolen animals, this one for Oregon only.