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Knowing God

As I did, I got more and more confused. Everybody contradicted each other, and they would just gloss over my questions about the nature of God. I began to do things that some modern youth do, such as partying and participating in a lot of worldly diversions. The bad habits were also distancing me from my family, who had always supported me. But once again the desire came to me to ask God.

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I have searched, and I have not found. The scriptures promise answers, but nothing is coming. Look at me.

I am alone. I knew it was an answer to my question. He wanted to know of whom the passage was speaking.

Who is God?

God responded to his desire and sent a man named Philip to meet the eunuch and explain that the passage was about Jesus Christ. As a result, the eunuch found God. He believed Jesus Christ died for his sins. Jesus did everything necessary for him to have his sins forgiven, escape hell and go to heaven.

This illustration reveals that if anyone searches for God, God will reveal Himself to that person. Why does God help us find Him? The answer is that God loves you and has made it possible for you to have your sins forgiven so that you can escape hell and go to heaven. About 2 B. He was and is God.

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John tells us the Jewish leaders understood that Jesus claimed to be God. Consequently, they wanted to murder Him. While Jesus lived among us He proved that He was God John by healing , casting out demons , raising the dead Matthew , walking on water John , controlling a storm , and feeding five thousand people from only five loaves of bread and two fish John Matthew gives this report. The news about Him spread throughout all Syria; and they brought to Him all who were ill, those suffering with various diseases and pains, demoniacs, epileptics, paralytics; and He healed them.

Matthew NASB. Only God could perform these miracles. These passages tell us that Jesus Christ is holy. This is wonderful good news. We have just discovered the good news that Jesus is our holy God.

But the bad news is that we are not holy. Sin is disobeying God 1 John , 8. If you have committed any sin, the Bible says you deserve to go to hell. She disposes of them all, first and last, by trenchant logic and the occasional skilled use of her knobkerry. Eventually she meets an old gentleman who like Voltaire persuades her to seek God by working in a garden. He eventually persuades her to abandon her quest, settle down with a "coarse" red-headed Irishman and rear a "charmingly coffee-coloured" family.

Only after the children are grown and gone does she resume her searching, and by then her "strengthened mental powers take her far beyond the stage at which there is fun in smashing idols ". The Black Girl, as protagonist, serves the same purpose as Christian in John Bunyan 's The Pilgrim's Progress ; that is to say her own "inner", or "spiritual" life is represented as a series of physical events and encounters. The over-all tone of the argument is agnostic : through all the rejection of false gods there remains an implied conviction that there is a true god to find: at the end of the work the girl, now an old woman, resumes her search rather than finally abandoning it.

Her intellectual powers and red-blooded humanity are contrasted with the "white" characters—especially the insipid missionary woman who "converted" her in the first place, and her thoroughly non-intellectual husband.

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  • This use of a superior person supposed by popular prejudice to be inferior, both by her sex and her race, is paralleled by the character of "The Negress"—a powerful figure in The Thing Happens , which is the third part of Back to Methuselah. The book was first published in , as Short Stories, Scraps and Shavings. A reprinting including Black Girl , already serialized in , along with a companion essay that disclaimed the supernatural origin of the Bible.

    In the essay, Shaw declares the Bible to be a book without divine authority—but still important for its ethical messages and valuable as history. Both the story and the essay outraged the religious public, creating a demand that supported five reprintings. Shaw exacerbated the general furore by proposing intermarriage of blacks and whites as a solution to racial problems in South Africa.

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    This was taken as a bad joke in Britain and as blasphemy in Nazi Germany. Several books used variations on the title as satirical or serious replies to Shaw. A light-hearted riposte appeared in a similarly-presented volume, The Adventures of the White Girl in her Search for God by Charles Herbert Maxwell , [8] which showed a modern young woman wielding a niblick on the cover.