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This hard-hitting advocacy has been the key to our successful campaigns over our year history. We are working to transform our economic and political systems through strategic reforms that lead to systemic, radical changes.

The corporate pesticide industry douses our environment with billions of pounds of toxic pesticides every year and uses their outsized influence to block fundamental protections for people and the planet. We are committed to growing and strengthening our activist base to fight for change.

In order to build long-term political power, we collaborate with broader movements, because the fight to protect our planet is intrinsically tied to the global struggle for justice. When a political appointee or a threatening piece of legislation looms, we work together to stop to it.

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We worked with our members and our partners across the broader movement to get him out of office. Ghost Fishing. Duration: Coming Up.

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Supporting Content What has happened to the world's coral? Stunning images of a drowning nation How are the people of the Solomon Islands coping with a rising sea level? What do you do with a worn-out oil rig?


Are any wet wipes flushable? Costing the Earth investigates. Penguin Timelapse Tom Hart of Oxford University maintains a network of remote cameras trained on penguins. See all clips.

What Does The Earth Look Like From Deep Space? (NO FLAT-EARTHERS)

With so much water in the air and so many minute particles on which the water can condense, rain clouds quickly form. The Amazon sustains much more than itself, however.

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All of the water that gushes upward from the Amazon forms an enormous flying river, which brings precipitation to farms and cities throughout South America. Some scientists have concluded that through long-range atmospheric ripple effects the Amazon contributes to rainfall in places as far away as Canada.

Much of this ecology has only recently been discovered or understood. We now have compelling evidence that microbes are involved in numerous geological processes; some scientists think they played a role in forming the continents. Ocean plankton drive chemical cycles on which all other life depends and emit gases that increase cloud cover, altering global climate. Humans are the most extreme example of a creature transforming Earth. One of the many obstacles to reckoning with global warming is the stubborn notion that humans are not powerful enough to affect the entire planet.

In truth, we are far from the only creatures with such power, nor are we the first species to devastate the global ecosystem.

Retired boxer Carl Froch claims the Earth is flat and NASA is a 'fake space agency' | Metro News

The history of life on Earth is the history of life remaking Earth. Faced with this preponderance of evidence, it is time to revive an idea that was once roundly mocked: the Gaia hypothesis. Although this bold idea found an enthusiastic audience among the general public, many scientists criticized and ridiculed it. The planetary organism! Over time, however, scientific opposition to Gaia waned.

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In his early writing, Dr.