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From Audio Poem of the Day January Poem Guide. By Jeremy Axelrod.

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After the poet lost his wife, he found his voice. The Walk. From Audio Poem of the Day June Satires of Circumstance, Macmillan, Moments of Vision and Miscellaneous Verses, Macmillan, Collected Poems, Macmillan, , enlarged edition, , Macmillan, Chosen Poems, Macmillan, The Complete Poems, Macmillan, , Macmillan, Norton New York, NY , Old Mrs. The Complete Stories, edited by N. Page, J. Dent London, England , The Dynasts nineteen acts; selected revised scenes first produced in London at Kingsway Theatre, November 25, , Macmillan, Volume 1, , Volume 2, , Volume 3, , one volume edition, , recent edition, The Famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall one-act; first produced in Dorchester, England, November, , Macmillan, , revised edition, , recent edition, Folcroft, With F.


The exact nature of that marriage is one of the most notorious problems in 19th-century biography, more fraught than Carlyle's, more anguished than Dickens's. No love letters remain between Emma and Hardy, except two fragments copied by Hardy into his notebooks. In one she wrote prophetically "Your novel seems sometimes like a child, your own and none of me. There are none because she burnt them all in the garden at Max Gate. Most earlier biographers here suffer from prolepsis - anticipation: the marriage was doomed from the start.

Thomas Hardy

Yet Tomalin produces an unforgettably fresh and vivid chapter about their first meetings in Cornwall, entitled "Lyonnesse" after his famous, chant-like poem. Her exuberant presentation of Emma, with her mass of golden hair, her horse-riding along the dangerous edge of Beeny Cliff, the tender walks and the seductive picnics, brilliantly establishes the lasting power of the romance for Hardy which illuminates the whole biography.

She boldly describes Hardy's erotic drawing of Emma on all fours searching for their lost picnic wine-glass in the waterfall. She gives barometric care to tracing the fluctuating emotional rhythms between writer and wife.

HARDY'S WESSEX - Part1 - Radio documentary about Thomas Hardy.

Tomalin enters deeply into the marital weather, does not take sides, but feels from the inside. When fame comes after , and the marriage slowly begins to fall apart, Tomalin recognises the pain on both sides. You can almost feel her struggling to keep them together. Yet there are still numerous continental tours, Paris visits, London parties, and the famous epic bicycle expeditions - he on his "Red Cob", she on her "Grasshopper" with the matching green velvet costume that the Dorchester locals found so ludicrous.

Tomalin relishes, rather than derides, these eccentricities.

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Sometimes this seems a shade too kindly, too brisk. Tomalin is very brief on the tragedy of their childlessness, though she acknowledges its importance, particularly for Emma's fraught relations with Hardy's family. Pite gives a whole chapter to possible causes, sexual difficulties and Hardy's fantasy life. Tomalin prefers to leave such speculations, and concentrates on Emma's growing estrangement. Her tremendous denunciation of husbands in is memorable: expect "neither gratitude, nor attentions, love, nor justice The parallel portrait of Hardy is equally affectionate and engaging, yet even more original in its way.

Tomalin's evocation of music in his early childhood - the fiddle-playing, the "endless jigs, hornpipes, reels, waltzes", the singing of Dorset folk songs and hymns - is beautifully fitted to Hardy's instinctive gift for poetry.

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  6. Later there are brilliant digressions on his intellectual mentors - Horace Moule, who taught him Greek tragedy and then demonstrated it by committing suicide in his Cambridge college rooms; and the severe, sorrowing Leslie Stephen, who turned Hardy into "an evolutionary meliorist". Authors A-Z.

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