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Why Does My Child Wet the Bed?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. AV Maniacs. Retrieved 22 September After Hours Cinema. Retrieved 29 May Categories : films English-language films Hippie films American slasher films American films horror films Incest pornography Lesbian-related films Rape and revenge films s pornographic films LGBT-related horror films Pornographic horror films American pornographic films.

You should keep track in a diary of when the alarm system is used. You should also make sure the moisture sensor is in the right place.

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Write down your child's response to the alarm, and keep track of his or her progress. Bladder-training exercises help your child wait longer between trips to the bathroom. However, trying to hold the urine longer during the day may help your child increase the amount of urine his or her bladder can hold at night.

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Your doctor may give your child medicine if your child is seven years of age or older and if behavior therapy hasn't worked. But medicines aren't a cure for bed-wetting. The medicines work in two ways. One kind of medicine helps the bladder hold more urine, and the other kind helps the kidneys make less urine. The medicines may have side effects.

Bed-wetting can lead to behavior problems because of the guilt and embarrassment a child feels. It's true that your child should take responsibility for bed-wetting this could mean having your child help with the laundry , but your child shouldn't be made to feel guilty about something he or she can't control. It may help your child to know that no one knows the exact cause of bed-wetting, but that it tends to run in families for example, if you wet the bed as a child, you should share that information with your child.

When your child has some dry nights, he or she will begin to feel better. Already a member or subscriber? Log in.

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Next: Potentially Fatal Natural Remedies. Mar 1, Issue. Am Fam Physician. What is enuresis? What causes bed-wetting? Some of the causes of bed-wetting include the following: Genetic factors it tends to run in families Difficulties waking up from sleep Slower than normal development of the central nervous system—this reduces the child's ability to stop the bladder from emptying at night Hormonal factors not enough antidiuretic hormone—this hormone reduces the amount of urine made by the kidneys Urinary tract infections Abnormalities in the urethral valves in boys or in the ureter in girls or boys Abnormalities in the spinal cord.

How can my family doctor help? How will my child's bed-wetting be treated? What is behavior therapy?


What kind of medicines are used to treat bed-wetting? How can I make my child not feel so bad about wetting the bed?

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